22 in 22

I had this really crazy idea of making a list of 22 things I wanted to accomplish in the next 22 years of my life.  Here it is:

  1. Live in Spain for 10 months
  2. Read the entire Bible
  3. Get a graduate degree
  4. Bake one of Deb’s celebration cakes
  5. Be a home-owner
  6. Host a dinner party in said house
  7. Run a 5k
  8. Write a letter to someone I admire
  9. Go back to Chile to visit the Fernández-Acuña family
  10. Hike a 14,000-footer in Colorado
  11. Go skinny-dipping
  12. Have a real job with benefits and health insurance
  13. Own a dog
  14. Plant a garden
  15. Be published
  16. Knit a scarf
  17. Read a daunting classic
  18. See a show in NYC
  19. Meet Mayorie
  20. Go on a pilgrimage
  21. (Re)learn how to parallel park
  22. Pick up the tab for a stranger

One thought on “22 in 22

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