Spain, in our words

I promised that you hadn’t heard the last of me!  Actually, the last of us.  We [my mom, Lydia, Bryn, and I] had an amazing time experiencing Spain together.  Here’s what we have to say about it:

What were your top 3 favorite experiences in Santander (Tess’ city)?


Mom:  “Meeting the many people in Tess’ life (tutees, friends, teachers); happening upon an adorable tricycle race in the plaza; worshipping at tiny church (even though I didn’t understand a word)”


Lydia: “Going out for tapas, going to tiny church, walking to the lighthouse”


Bryn:  “Eating out; taking the boat to beach/the beach in general; day trips; meeting Tess’ friends & tutees”

What was the best/worst of the art museums we visited?


Lydia: “The best exhibit was the one about playgrounds at the Reina Sofia in Madrid.  And I don’t know if you’d call it the worst, but the weirdest was definitely the Yoko Ono exhibit at the Guggenheim in Bilbao.  Leaving the museums was also pretty good.  But don’t put that on the blog.”

Did you meet any Olympians?  

Bryn: “Yes [we met an Olympic sailor from the Netherlands on the bus and later] I tweeted at him and he didn’t tweet back and I’m a little upset about that, not gonna lie.”

How about dogs?  Any adorable dogs?

Bryn: Oh my gosh. YES.


In your opinion, what was the lowest point of the trip: running through the Atocha train station to catch the train to Toledo or hauling Tess’ heavy luggage up 6 flights of stairs in Madrid?

Mom:   “My low point was realizing that my daughter has NO SHAME about cutting in line in front of other tourists (AFTER running through the train station).  She says ‘Spaniards all cut.'”

If you could fill a whole suitcase with one Spanish food to bring home with you, what would you choose?

Mom:  “Food – tortilla; beverage – the coffee”

Lydia: “Croquetas”

Bryn:  “If I had a heated suitcase I would bring back tortilla, a freezer suitcase- mint chocolate chip ice cream, and a regular suitcase – candy”

What was your favorite site that we saw?


Mom: “Gaudi’s El Capricho”


Lydia: “The city of Toledo”


Bryn:  “The big park in Madrid” [El Retiro]

What are you going to tell your Spanish teacher this fall about what you learned in Spain?

Lydia: “I learned the word pijo which is a word for fancy or stuck up people.  And also the slang word vale” [used as a filler word in conversation]

Bryn:  No comment


Describe, in 5 words or less, what it is like to have Tess as your tour guide.

Mom:  Organized, fast walking, knowledgable, FANTÁSTICO!!!

Lydia: A Googledoc-making, running, good guide.

Bryn:  Fun, running through train station.