Life in Spain isn’t all Beaches, Tapas, and Wine (just mostly)

I’m living the dream in Spain.

Have you seen the pictures of Santander?  It’s beautiful here and I love it.

But it’s not all beaches, tapas, and wine here.  There are definitely times when I miss the comforts of home.  Let me give you a glimpse into the less glamourous side of my life:

  1. Rain, rain, and more rain.
  2. Running after the bus.  In the rain.
  3. Missing the bus and waiting 15 minutes for the next bus.  In the rain.
  4. Laundry.  There’s a lot I could write here, but I’ll leave you with these two comments. First, rain (I spent 6 euro at the laundry mat the other week to use a dryer and it was the best 6 euro I spent all month).  And second, when it is actually warm outside, my socks have the tendency to fall off the drying rack, down two stories to the ground, and must be rescued from below (a process that involves hopping a fence that I am waaaay to short to comfortably climb over).
  5. Only being able to use one kitchen appliance at a time without blowing a fuse. Stove or oven, microwave or washing machine, you choose.  No multi-tasking here!
  6. Complete and utter lack of peanut butter (well, not any more, because I brought about 60 oz back with me after Christmas), Mexican food, and breakfast at Wolfgang’s – with my dad!
  7. Did I mention that it rains here? I’ve had 2 and 1/2 umbrella casualties in the past week (2 have bit the dust, ahem, trashcan, and the 3rd one is currently struggling to stay alive).2014-01-28 19.21.20
  8. Basically, I live in a retirement community (about 28% of the population is under the age of 30, compared to Grand Rapids, which is closer to 45% under 30, from my Wikipedia research).  But it’s a really beautiful retirement community!  And the old people are very cute, even if they do walk kind of slow.

One of my friends recently said that Santander is kind of like your family- only you are allowed to complain and if anyone else tries to bash it…watch out!

Next time, I promise just to post pictures of sunny beaches, delicious food, and the beautiful vistas.

But for today…



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