A Highschool Reunion

Last weekend I had a high school reunion in the most unlikely of places- Barcelona.

I met up with Rachel and Elizabeth, two dear high school friends who just so happen to be teaching English in Europe this year.  Seeing as we’re all on the same continent (Rachel and I are even in the same country!) and have known each other through all of the most painfully awkward stages of life (cue images of middle school orchestra class), we decided a reunion was in order.

Here’s what you missed:

A jarra of sangria and lots of good conversation.


A fabulously cheap and trendy hostel (which came as a recommendation from Ally, and which I would highly recommend to any and all planning a trip to Barcelona in the near future).



The strikingly unusual architecture of Antoni Gaudí.

IMG_9319 IMG_9311

…and a light post that he designed!  Not one of Gaudí’s most exquisite works, to say the least…


A guided tour of La Sagrada Familia.  Infinitely better than the light post.



Christmas lights and crowded streets.


Churros con chocolate (for breakfast!).


A picnic lunch.


And- one of my personal favorites- el Museu Picasso.


I’ll be seeing them- and hopefully many of you- back on the other side of the pond in just a few short days.  Although picnics in December are lovely, I am quite excited to head back to the land of White Christmases to celebrate with all the people I love. Nos vemos pronto!



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