• It rained today (surprise surprise! ) and I did my first shameless running-after-the-bus-with-umbrella.  You see, I was catching the bus from a new location, and I had a rough idea of where it would pick me up…and I was about a half a block off.  Not know exactly when the next bus would come, I decided to run in favor of standing in the rain.
  • Having caught the bus, I went to school to start lesson planning.  Today I worked on a power point about myself and the grand state of Michigan from where I come.  Next week Monday, when I start school, my students will learn five reasons why I love my home: (1) The Great Lakes, (2) it’s shaped like a mitten, (3) the cities, (4) and beautiful outdoor activities, and (5) the four seasons.  I’m hoping my Spanish students will all have Michigan accents come June.
  • Stopped by to say hi to my friends on my walk to the bus after school


  • Took an evening stroll to find a nearby dance studio and inquire about classes.  The “paseo” is possibly one of my favorite Spanish traditions.  Between 7-8pm the streets are filled with people walking their dogs, pushing children in strollers, window shopping, grocery shopping, sitting at a bar or café, enjoying a glass of vino or reading the daily news.  I also stopped at the milk machine and the grocery store.  I had a very nice conversation with the lady at the deli counter about Cantabrian cheeses and feel much more informed about the variety of quesos here.
  • I pet a dog.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s more or less agains social norms to ask a Spaniard if you can pet their dog.  Lana (the dog) was tied up outside the fruit stand by my house, being watched by her 8 year old owner, so I summoned the courage to pet the cute canine.

School starts on…well, I actually don’t know when school starts.  When I met the teachers in the English department yesterday I asked when the students start classes and they told me hopefully on Friday.  But if not Friday, then Monday.  It depends on when they finish putting together the schedule.   Regardless, my first day will be Monday.  I didn’t think I’d be going back to school this fall… but I could not be more excited!

Side-note: If you happened to write down my address when I posted it last time, please note the following change- my postal code is 39003 (not 39006 as I originally typed).  I fixed it on the last post and you can find my corrected there.  And if you already sent me something, don’t panic.  I’ll get it anyway!

Also- miracle of miracles- I have internet at my apartment now!  So if you want to Skype, send me an email, Facebook message, or “Whatsapp” me and we’ll find a time to chat 🙂


2 thoughts on “tidbits

  1. I so enjoy imagining a Redhead on her adventures in Spain ;-). You hum a fun little tune. I hope those are the only asses you encounter. Spanish students are luck, lucky, lucky this year! We will miss you at Meggan’s wedding tonight. Someone misses you every night. Stacey

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