Welcome to my new home!


Let me give you a quick tour…


On the left we have the kitchen.

IMG_8180 IMG_8181 IMG_8182

The living room and dining room.


And there’s a bedroom and full bathroom on the first floor, as well.  Another Fulbrighter, Yanique, is moving into this room today.

Let’s go upstairs.


Ally (my newest friend and fellow Fulbrighter) and I have the two upstairs bedrooms.


Excuse the mess.


I have lots of lovely storage space.

We also have a full bathroom upstairs, equipped with a miniature tub/shower, and a bidet!  Just what I wanted!


Thanks for visiting!


Just a few housekeeping notes:

  1. We are currently unplugged; we have no Internet access in our apartment right now.  We ordered it yesterday, and are really hopeful it will be installed in the next week or two, but since we’re on Spanish time, I’m realistically estimating we’ll be up and running by October 1.  Just so you know, my Internet access is quite limited right now…
  2. …So letters are more than welcome!
  3. Or you can download the app “Whatsapp” on your smartphone and text me whenever your heart desires.  Although I’m still adjusting, I am now the proud owner of a smartphone!  Shoot me an email or facebook message if you want my number and/or address!
  4. Email is probably the best means of communication for me, until further notice.

Hasta luego!


2 thoughts on “housekeeping

  1. Tess, what a lovely, clean apartment! Looks like you are going to be very happy in that homey space. I can’t wait to hear how you like your new bidet. Hah 🙂

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