el oasis

I’m think I’ve alluded to “El Oasis” in my previous blog posts, but I’ve been meaning to write more about it…it’s been a big part of my life here in Chile!  El Oasis is a gathering place for Christian university students/young adults.  It meets twice weekly at a house which has been converted into a space to accomidate the 60+ people who come to be fed, physically and spiritually.  There are 8 staff members/interns who run the show, one of which is a Hope alumni!  And my connection to El Oasis!  It’s almost all Chileans, except me and a few of the interns, so I get LOTS of practice speaking Spanish there.

The Monday night gathering, called “Donce” (I’m not sure why…), consists of dinner, a short Bible message from one of the staff members or interns, dessert, and always concludes with a wacky game.  Last Monday we played “extreme pictionary.” We split up into teams and which ever team loses has to “lavar la losa” (translation: wash the dishes).

On Thursdays I show up to El Oasis early for “Café a lo Gringo,” where I get to drink REAL coffee and talk in English/play goofy games with the students who are studying or want to learn English.  It feels good to be on the other side of the language-learning every once in while! We also have dinner together on Thursdays, followed by an informal worship service.  There’s singing (it was a bit rough at first, but I’m getting better at singing in Spanish), a skit, and a message from one of the staff or interns.

Going to El Oasis has been one of the best parts of my experience so far in Chile.  I love being plugged into a Christian community and the people there are so so so friendly!  I always get lots of hugs and besos (kisses) when I come and go.

A few of the people at El Oasis have asked me why I chose to come to Chile.  And I never know what to say, because I feel like Chile chose me!  But that’s part of the adventure, finding out why I ended up here, but I have a feeling that El Oasis has something to do with it…


One thought on “el oasis

  1. I love it, Tess! I’m so glad you’ve found this community of beso-giving Chilean Christians who love on you and feed you. Sounds like a wonderful, wonderful group.

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