9 things

9 really great things from my week, in no particular order.

1. Panqueques con manjar (translation: crepes filled with dulce de leche).  Equally delicious eaten as dinner or breakfast.

2. Warmer weather!  Finally!  I get to experience spring twice this year, and I have to say that spring-time in Santiago is significantly more beautiful (and sunny) than in Michigan.

3. The Andes Mountains.  No explanation needed!

4. Skyping with my sister Lydia on her 16th birthday!  Wahoo!

5. Finalizing my class schedule!  2 classes with my study abroad program: Human Rights in Chile, Advanced Spanish.  And 2 classes at the Catholic University: Chilean and Hispanic Poetry (a literature class), International Organizations (a political science class).

6. Experiencing a national education strike day.  When I arrived to the university on Tuesday I couldn’t get to the building I needed to go to because students had barricaded the stairwell with desks and chairs in support of the strike.  Most of the Chilean students (and some professors) didn’t show up to class on Tuesday in support of the national education protests.

7. El Oasis.  I’ve gotten plugged in with a group of Christian university students (called El Oasis, which translates to”the oasis”) who congregate at a house (which has been converted into a gathering place) every Monday and Thursday night for food, fellowship, and worship.  I’ve only been three times, but I think it’s going to become a regular part of my week.

8. Stray dog on metro.  The other day a stray dog somehow entered the metro station (this usually involves a few flights of stairs and a turnstyle) and got onto my train!  It seemed to enjoy the ride, and none of the Chileans on the metro seemed particularly concerned.  Probably the highlight of my day.

9. Buying a bus ticket.  Tomorrow I’m heading up to northern Chile for a long weekend with 4 friends from my study abroad program!  Pictures and stories to follow.


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