Hola!  I’m so happy to be writing my first post from Chile!  It’s been a whirlwind since I arrived (last week Wednesday), but I’m starting to settle in to my new home.  I’m living in an upper-middle class neighborhood, about 4 blocks from the main metro line into downtown Santiago (and I’m proud to report I successfully navigated my way home today).  My dad (Franco), mom (Olga), sister (Trini, 13), and brother (Vicente aka Vicho, 10) have been incredibly welcoming and I feel so blessed to be living with such a wonderful family!  They speak very fast, like all Chileans, but were so kind to take me on vacation with them last weekend to…

…the beach!

We went to my dad’s childhood home in Laguna Verde, a small town on the Pacific Ocean.  On Saturday we walked down to the beach, then returned to eat a late, large lunch.  Because everyone talks so fast here, sometimes I miss out on what’s happening, so I spent most of Saturday afternoon/evening not knowing where my family was taking me next…

But we ended up driving through the scenic port towns of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, and eventually arrived at the house of a family friend for “las onces” (translate: tea time).  Then, after asking my family a few strange questions (to my dad, “are you and your friend going to go hunting tomorrow?”), my mom told me that we were going to have a small “asado” (translate: bonfire + MEAT) at the family friends’ cabin.

Saturday night was my first asado and I was lucky enough to experience a second one on Sunday, this time with extended family.  I’ve been well fed since I’ve been here and thoroughly enjoying Chilean cuisine!  Hopefully my pictures do justice to my travels thus far!  Hasta luego!


2 thoughts on “bienvenidos

  1. What a fun time it sounds like you are having. And a sweet family! I love the pictures. It looks gorgeous there.
    Hang in there with the fast Spanish that’s being spoken all around you… I’m sure your comprehension will only increase as you’re there!
    Can you post your address sometime, or maybe email it to me? Someone might want to send you snail mail 🙂

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