dreaming in spanish

A few weeks ago I came across the phrase “soñé contigo” in a memoir I was reading (Santiago’s Children, by Steve Reifenberg, a really good read if you’re planning a trip to Chile).  It means “I dreamt of you” but can be literally translated as “I dreamed with you.”  Although it’s just a subtle difference, it struck me as beautiful, the idea that you could dream with someone, as opposed to dreaming of them.  I’ve yet to dream in Spanish, a true sign of fluency, so one of my goals for my semester in Chile is to dream in Spanish.

I’ll say goodbye to warm summer weather on July 12 and set off for a semester of study and travel in Chile.  I’ll be living in Santiago, with a host family, and taking classes at a either a public or private Catholic university-or both!  More pictures and stories to come in the weeks ahead.

And as for dreams, I’ll leave you with Calvin and Hobbes’ interpretation of soñé contigo:

many thanks to Elsbeth Cool for sharing this classic cartoon (and her blogging wisdom) with me


4 thoughts on “dreaming in spanish

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! The title is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I hope Chile is all you’ve dreamed it to be, and look forward to hearing more about your adventures!



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